Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Manly Wednesday- Fuel

Some dudes eat whatever. Don’t care. I knew a guy that would eat ribs for breakfast, and he’d tell me, “Hey man, it’s just fuel.” Same guy who took me to lunch at Hooters, which I thought was funny, and told him my wife is going to think it’s strange, and he had no idea why. Here is some weird dood food from

Well, this ain’t exactly food, til the bottle is gone, but this Scorpion Vodka is supposed to be good for the libido and removes toxins from the bloodstream? Guess the scorpion reverses those toxins alcohol normally puts in your system? Maybe we should put them in queso and German Chocolate Cake too.

Nothing gives me the willies more than a slew of ants. One or two okay, but a slew- no good. I don’t care for them in my lollies either, but they have a spicy taste? I’m sticking to jalapenos b/c I know the possibility of being attacked by a slew of jalapenos is rare.

Luckily these caterpillars come pre-salted, so they are ready to eat. The collectors of these tasty treats squeeze out their bright green guts before they cook em. Thank god, b/c those Hooters ladies wouldn’t serve Worms ‘N’ Wings if the worms weren’t pregutted. Fuel up!

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Jenn G. said...

bald man is back. finally. and yay.

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