Thursday, February 2, 2012

Nate's Bookcase

I made Nate a bookcase.  It all started with this piece of plywood I got at a yard sale with a zillion holes in it.  I was told it was a test piece for a restaurant in town.  Guess they use the stuff all over the establishment.  If I were more with it/in the know I would have been to this restaurant, or at least remembered the name.  

I'm assuming that said fancy restaurant didn't trick out their plywood with little bingo chips however.  They did probably have their plywood CNCed at a nicer place than my garage.  We're one-one restaurant...  though I do have a multicolored tricycle and an elusive rat in my digs.

I'm getting better with my dowel stuff.  These guys are super smooth...  And the velvit oil I rubbed on with a tender caress.  The wood almost had to pay me.

I also hooked up an LED rope light to act as a night light of sorts.  This is my late night garage test run.  Elusive Rat told me it looked pretty good.  

Here the bookcase has been moved into the house.  Actually just inside the door...  Someday it'll make its way to Nate's actual bedroom.  I'd do it myself but there'd be no one here to applaud my brute strength except for Nate and Claire, and they aren't easily impressed.

 We've got light!

I considered a variety of ways of putting these lights on, and went with the "two big wads" method...  Also notice sliding doors that can cover 2/5ths of whatever books and other junk will accumulate.

Nate said it'll do... and immediately removed all books placed in the bookcase.  Notice Divya's "Little Owl's Night" prominently placed.  

This concludes the "Nate's Bookcase" blog entry.  If you'd like one made, let me know if you find the proper yard sale wood, or own a CNC machine.  Or if you know the name of that restaurant, take a screwdriver with you the next time you dine.
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