Friday, February 29, 2008

Ringo or Robin LTD

So as I mentioned, I have this record label. And last night I found out that I'm not the first to get hung up in the design world, who also might like some rock and roll. If it's good enough for Ringo Starr, it's good enough for me!! Welcome to Ringo Or Robin LTD!

Ringo met up with rad furniture designer Robin Cruikshank, and the two of them went into business in 1969. Here's a pic of Robin's bachelor pad from the mid 60s, and the Brasilia chair he whipped up before the Ringo years.

Ringo and Robin were big on steel and glass... or STEEL APPEAL. I'm down. Did you check out that Rolls Royce Radiator table? Dang!

The boys called it quits in 1986, but are still really good friends. ROCKANDROLLANDRINGOORROBIN! Thanks for making rock and furniture design cool.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Casa De Colores

This Place here is down the street from us a couple blocks. The woman in the house spend several weekends finishing up the hearts and peace signs.

We've never lived in an area with a Homeowner's Association, which rules... Not only do we save some cash every month, people get to do with their homes and yards what they will.

I really don't even think I'm doing the place justice in these pictures. They've got little gargoyle frogs on their fence, an iron mariachi band playing on top of their garage, where they've stenciled the words, "Casa De Colores", and a million other strange fun things that seriously don't look tacky to me. At all... is it me? Ma would say so. We need to make friends with these characters ASAP to see what the inside is lookin like!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Ready, sEtsy, Go!

Yeah Mon. I'm full on Etsying the bald man mod stuff... Got another lab-style item here- test tube vases. Lab Flasks are out the door!

Got this tea set too. They look brand new... yet, not brand new.

These little suckas done sold already! Salt n Pepper shakers in the style of the Apollo spacecraft with Mushrooms on them come around once in an orange moon.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Hunt for Woody Inspiration

These days I’ve been thinking more and more about wood/projects. Check out a bunch of books from the library… watch a lot of Woodworks… but usually I end up not truly inspired by projects I learn how to build… keyholders with swans on top… bland crafty crap. I might glean a hint of something important, but often times not…

I did get this book off ebay, and it’s great… How to Build Modern Furniture by Mario Dal Fabbro… straight out of the 50s. Well, that’s not EXACTLY my copy- mine’s actually prettier, but I’m gonna build a table out of it. and who knows what all. Cool magazine holders or something.

Also, Thomas Wold posted this long, detailed explanation on how he builds his wild Block Party unit.

Man, it’s got pics galore, cornball explanations, and tons of insight. Basically, I ain’t finding it in the 684 Dewey decimal section of the library. Thanks Mr. Wold.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

In the bald man's other world...

I have this record label here.

Someone interviewed said bald guy at Detour Magazine.

Curvy legs

Bald man trying to locate him some hairpin legs like these here. With difficulty...

Need to make me an entry table sorta thing... that doubles as a side table upon which to place some drinks whilst sitting in a purple chair.

AND I want them to be 14 inches... some chumps on Ebay are obviously also looking for 14 inch hairpin legs, and they always end up being more than I'm willing to pay...

When i saw this sorta thing, I think to myself, "Baldy? Might you just bend your own wooden hairpin legs?" I got a Roarockit vacuum press which should bend some wood, and i'm king of dying to use it... so... Maybe?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Monster Wood!

Doing some Etsy stuff has opened thine eyes to some great finds… One being A. Drauglis. The guy makes a variety of wooden items in different styles, and does it all by hand, sans power tools. Check out this lingerie chest with a slab of a walnut tree slapped on the front of it. Julie might not put her dainty items up in there, but I’d have one in every room of our house.

I also really enjoy the cornball creative stuff… like this tiki Monster Cabinet. There’s discussion on the site of a possible Bride of Monster Cabinet and Son of Monster Cabinet. The fact that I’m not sure if the guy is kidding or not is fantastic.

The master of monster cabinets has cranked this guy out though… Dog of Monster Cabinet! The good dog has a cat in his stomach, but you can also switch it out with a man or a car…

Upon closer inspection, the cat has a mouse in his stomach. Bro. Genius.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Shop doors open a smidge wider

Yeah mon... baldy strikes Etsy again. This time with some old timey lab flasks good for putting stuff in. liquid or solid... or if you use them properly, liquid to solid.

Also grabbed this little wooden fish dood. I like him.

Cups sold lickety split to some lucky dame out there. Oh Etsy... you're such a lady of chance.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Shop's up and revvin...

I know dudes... I KNOW!! Fairly dorky... I might POSSIBLY be the only straight man selling vintage items on Etsy, but if there's one thing I've learned... the guy going to ballet class is hanging out with the hot chicks. SO... that being said, welcome to my Shoppe.

Bald Man Mod.

Post Script- Some hand made modern wood style concoctions in the works to be available here as well.

Manly Wednesday- FerMANtation

I started workin on this on girly tuesday, so though i'm posting it on manly wednesday, blogger does not recognize it as such. Touche, Blogger.

Brahs like beer, as I mentioned before. Also, dudes- manly dudes- have an I-Can-Do-That-Better attitude, that’s why the home brewing kits are popular.

Check out the Lager Brewzer 10 Pint Micro Brewing System. Julie thinks there is nothing dorkier in the world than making beer in your garage… but she also can’t wait for her next issue of Journal of Accountancy.

Then there’s this Alcoshot Kit… you can make your own fruity shots… may or may not win over the wife?

And there’s this guy here… make your own wine?? Man, I don’t know… don’t people spend years making a bottle of wine? And use old oak casks and all that? I mean, I’ve made wine on accident when my old grape juice fermented, and I’m curious how different this make-your-own-wine kit is from that.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Hang dangler

I’ve been whipping up my wannabe capiz shell/wood style pendant lamp. It’s coming along. Slowly. This will be the backside, so all mistakes will be not that noticeable hopefully. Personally, there are zero mistakes on my backside. 100% perfect.

Now they're part of my Estate

I went to an estate sale down the street. They are weird/sad. I couldn’t buy some old man shirts out of a deceased old man’s closet, though some of the old man shirts would be shirts I’d wear (I am an old man.)

I did, however, pick up a couple items that might be good etsy material. Ladies like vintage fondue pots and flowery mugs right? I’m hoping to open a store with modern wood creations soon. Well. First I have to create the creations. So, soonish. Maybe just estate items til then.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Manly Update- One Day Late

Bros! How could I do it to thee? Leave you hanging on a Wednesday?? I’m here to make up for it though. I bring you the Halitosis Detector. That’s right. Makin moves? Did you have the spicy Big As Yo Face Burrito for dinner, though your date had the mint salad? This little guy measures your breath at four danger levels… I suggest taping a container of Altoids to the back of this contraption… maybe as an upgrade, they could tell you how many you’ll need to pop, or maybe just bail completely. Bald man got yer back.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

French (not Canadian) Food

There have been these joints poppin up around town that serve food out of trailers. The other day, my coworker and I visited Flip Happy Crepes- it being one such establishment.

Truth of the matter is, I think I’ve had maybe A crepe in my day… possibly as part of a Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity combo at IHOP? Maybe. So the idea of pork, cheddar cheese and pickles coming out of crepe was at first revolting, but upon entering my mouth at lunch time, the opposite.

Not only was it wicked delicious, the place is run by a couple cute ladies. One works savory. One works sweet. They both only work 4 days a week, and about 3.5 hours a day. Room for a bald man workin pork detail? Or... nevermind.

Monday, February 4, 2008


Last night we went over to a friend’s house. Her dog has the cone head. Another friend just got her dog’s cone head off as well. Today’s post is dedicated to those pooches coned up. Pick up this Carlos Night Light in pure white porcelain. May your dog not knock it over with his cone blinder. I’m thinking about getting one myself because I could pour Combos in there for an all day snack.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Rack Em!

I started a little bloggin yesterday, then accidentally deleted it, possibly due to the double shot of Claritin D and Benadryl, which as I read later makes one lose focus. Might be why I forgot my coat yesterday too, which wasn’t smart since it’s kind of cold outside… (this is where you enter your own segue to coat racks, and you laugh and laugh, and don’t know how I make something like coat racks seem SOO funny!)

So yeah, coat racks aren’t really needed in Austin TX, but if they were, might I get one of these? I might… we saw one of these Tom Dixon wire coat racks in the Design Within Reach Airstream trailer. Problem is my coat costs 20 bucks, and this is 330. It’s like parking a Pinto in the Bat Cave, you know?

Though I like this Katai Coat Rack, it’s the kind of item Julie won’t allow in the house. It’s actually made out of steel, but the wife will veto it because of its slight nod towards log cabinishness.

This is actually a lighting system thing by Frenchy Matali Crasset, but it rules, and I can see tossing my clear rain poncho on it to make for a more sensual soft light before it catches on fire.

Back to the Loyal Loot Ladies for this thang called Coat Hang. It’s my favorite since you know… they bend pieces of plywood off this long stand, and I’m just down with that kind of stuff, okay? Dang...

Man, but there’s also the Coat Range… smarties shave off some of the walnut veneer to expose the maple veneer beneath to create snow-capped mountains. Double Dang. See how lucky those are who live in cold places, far away from cedar trees?
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