Monday, March 31, 2008

Only house I'd consider Moving to.

The other day, Julie and I went to an estate sale. Thought maybe I’d pick up something cool, but we got there too late for the good stuff. The upside was the estate sale was in this wicked 1957 modern home on Balcones Drive, that is currently under contract.

Julie kept saying, “This house would be the best place to have a party.” Too true. This pool was actually in their front yard, but you couldn’t see it from the street because the house is up a hill, and the pool was blocked with shrubs.

They had these atomic bullet sconces EVERYWHERE in the house. Man oh man. I love those things… and the light switches were all push-button style.

I actually snagged these pics from Modern Austin, where I heard someone bid $100,000 OVER the asking price of $760,000.00… that person didn’t get the house. HOW MUCH DID SOMEONE BUY IT FOR? Lucky bastards. Invite a bald man over for a dip, would ya?

Thursday, March 27, 2008

How Universal is this Base? Infinitely.

So I bought me a Herman Miller universal base at a garage sale… looks like the one on this chair here… (if I wasn’t so lazy, I’d take a pic of the one I got, but…) the dood I bought it from had lots of cool furniture, and repurposed different things. He used a base like this and built a large round coffee table.

Anyway, the other day whilst peepin Jenn Ski’s blog, she talked about her Ikea Alex drawers, and found pics of other’s Alex drawers, and she brought up these from ikeahacker that I saw long ago, and forgot about. Purty cool way to use that base that’s stone cold chillin in the garage currently. Hmmmm….

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Manloo Wednesday

Back in the loo, bruthas and sistas! Manly Wednesday is here to scrub your bidet.

This here is Grope on a Rope. Pretty funny, but also creeps me out because it’s a little too… man-sized. I’ll pay more for less, just make my G-O-A-R more delicate and ladylike, however still scented… musky style? Man, maybe this ain’t gonna work out.

Sudoku on a toilet paper roll? Julie will be a fan… I, however, am not a big Sudoku lover, so I will use the roll for it’s true purpose, and hope to gain some smarts osmosis style.

Swarvoski bedazzled the bejeezus outta this toilet with 50,000 crystals, and sold it for $75,000. Mon, if I knew I was gonna make a dollar fifty per crystal, I’d crystal the crystals. Might go blind like an old sewing lady, but I’d use my handicap to go to the front of the line at the bank.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Meanwhile, back at the Blog...

Mon, listen up mon. Here's the thing of it... the Bald Man has all this stuff going on, right? He had some SXSW, he has his day job beating him over the head, and another job he wants to give more time to... he's built a wooden pendant light, is building a table, finds mod estate items for you, and found about 14 Herman Miller desk tops that used to be attached to wicked 60s Eames shell chairs which he purchased for zero dollars and will make into something bitchin, and that's the tip of the iceberg. Truly. we ain't even talked about the baby project.

So... all that being said, I apologize for my lack of attention paid to your favorite blog.

If you are in Austin this week, please join me at either:

The A.D. Stenger exhibit that is going on at U.T.'s School of Architecture (big soiree on March 26th- maybe free food/drink?) Bro made some of the coolest homes in Austin before cool homes were cool (see house at the top), or maybe:

THE DIRTBOMBS on March 27th... Ain't no better live show in the history of live shows, so show if you go to shows. Take in a double dose of Bald if you have the huevos rancheros.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Wood pendant lamp complete

Finished my pendant lamp... what started as a couple pieces of thin cherry and gummy cherry wood like this here...

Turned into 92 pieces like this.

Thanks band saw and table saw. What next?

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Manly Wednesday- Grillin Substitutes

I’ve been a slug about posting my Manly Wednesdays stuff lately. Please forgive me, but you’re welcome for this post.

Men grill stuff. Fact of life. Luckily, we live in Texas where the grill is still in effect, with little to no interruption during the winter months. Others are not so lucky… for those I offer other ways to get your meaty grilled goodies.

Check out the Steakhouse Grill. Looks like a wicked state of the art toaster, and only works on steaks… Grills steak vertically and the juices drip on down sans flare ups.

Test tube burgers on their way! Maybe this year? It’s kind of great that scientists somewhere are figuring out ways to create ground meat and sausage in a test tube. I took the wrong road in college when I majored in Bald.

The Germans beat me to it. Cheeseburger in a can! Why would you eat Spam or Vienna Sausages when you could have yourself an entire burger?? This blows my mind. Lookout for my Meatball-Submarine-Sandwich-In-A-Tube debuting in my Summer collection of Canned Sandies.
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