Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Manly Wednesdays- Sweaty, Hairy and Fat

Got a friend- only one- at the workplace. Julie and I call him Brooklyn. He moved from NYC with his family, and goes on about how rad this Russian Bath House was back in New Yawk.

They got a variety of rooms, like this here redwood sauna, for those to sit around, letting it all hang out and get their sweat on.

After a hot sweat, there are these ice cold pools to jump in, and send your body into cardiac arrest.

If you go big, you can get beat with a Platza Oak Leaf.. they call it a “brushing” on the site, but Brooklyn says they beat the crap out of you with the leaves. This brah even had his bachelor party there… guess they walk serving ice cold vodka too. As an awesome side note, the two owners (one named Boris) don’t speak to each other, so they post who works which day, in case you are more of a David fan than a Boris fan (as if). Doubt Austin is getting a Russian Bath House anytime soon, but it does sound pretty boss. Saunas come free of charge here about 9 months out of the year.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hot News- Baldman Family Grows by One

Word is Baldman is having a baby. Well, Julie is having it, and the Baldman is the one cutting the cord and smoking a stogie. And it's not an "it" but a little lady.
So here's the thing... what do we do? Day Care? Work part time? Quit altogether? We're pretty clueless... I'd like to work from the house but not sure how... If anyone is dumpin the day job, it'd be me, as Julie has a great job that she also loves. Anyone have a daycare they love? What this baby daddy supposed to do? Strap her to my back as I work in the field? Seriously, suggestions are highly suggested. Also giving me your super awesome crib/changing table/high chair is highly suggested.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Drape Pipes

We got us these windows in the bedroom that have just had crummy, easily bent mini blinds up since we bought the house.

We found some drapes on craigslist that were being sold from a nice mid century house off 51st street, so we grabbed the lot.

Thing was, we didn't have curtain rods, or rings, but we got some rings on ebay for ultra cheap, and Julie picked em up in Round Rock, so we didn't have to even pay shipping.

Anyhoo, curtain rods seem pricey for no real reason, but galvanized plumbing pipes ain't, so to the plumbing dept we went.

The windows are kinda "L" shaped, with a spare lonely dood on a side wall. We grabbed us some couplers and tore it up, as seen in the picture tore up above. It took some planning, and that one 10 foot pipe just BARELY fit, but the curtains are up, and we can now get our swank on.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bald Nose in a Book

See, the thing of it is this baldman is taking AutoCAD classes… full day of working followed by 4 hours of class yields less blogging. However, come August 7th when I’m a certified AutoCADologistarian, you’ll get blogs galore, and hopefully I’ll be highly desirable. Being desirable and bald is a hard combination to create, but I’ll do my best… and if you need your rad new house drawn up, your interior design designed, your sun loving succulents placed just so around the yard, I’ll be here for you.

Friday, June 6, 2008

It's Alive!

These characters at Straight Line Design is what I’m talking about! Kind of the same reason I like that Thomas Wold fellow so much… Why make furniture like furniture, when your brain is WILD?

They ain’t always the most practical, but neither are ladies high heel shoes, and this cabinet gives you no pain, unless your cheeks hurt from smiling.

It’s their “my furniture is coming alive” stuff that makes me both, “Yes!!” and “I can’t sleep in this room tonite.” I feel like having this in a kid’s room is going to lead to some serious mental problems down the road- or possibly a creative super genius.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Peepin Houses

Back on the attack. Baldman wasn’t able to attend the AIA Homes tour of all rad modern mid century homes a few weekends ago due to a certain so-and-so’s lip sync/karaoke birthday party… The upside is the Cool House Tour is right around the corner. Pretty excited to check out that house above, as it’s the home lived in by the Austin Mod House blogging dood. I check on that say, every day-ish. Gonna learn me a thing or two about gittin my green on. You’ll smell my hemp shirt from a mile away.
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