Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hot New Couple

Here's something wicked sweet for local yokel types... The friggin Bohn house, which is down our street, and I've blathered about before, is going to get a remodel job by friggin Dick Clark Architecture!

Dick Clark, not the old sad brah you'll see on TV this week, but the local architecture firm, do some of the badassedest stuff in town. I could blather on and on about the lofts, n homes, n remodels these cats have done, or you could just go to the website and see for yerselfs... or check out their flickr page. That house is going to be a dooooooooooooooooooooooooozy! Invite some friendly neighbors over for cocktails lucky new homeowners! Did I mention I got a used laptop for xmas, as to not intrude on sleepin baby claire and blog blather on the computer in her room? Now you know. And will be kept mo up to date on the world according to bald.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Place for Coffee... Coins

Yer baldness made him his first commissioned thangs. Got to make a coffee table and side table for this super cool lady I met in the rock and roll circle. Sadly, these pics are from inside our house, instead of her house next to the trillion records and old jukebox.

I did some inlay style stuff with walnut and maple veneer, and slapped it on some purty baltic birch plywood.

The coffee table is actually 4 separate pieces with a slight gap in between each. Attempt one caused the table to implode on itself. I'm no physics genius, but after attempt two, proper supports were in place, and the table stood up proud.

In addition to tablemania, I whipped up this coin collecting type wall hanging doodad. My sister needed her one for a group of fancy coins she's been accumulating. It does require a small balancing act, as too many coins on one side yields a crashing coin conundrum. Anyhoo, anyone who needs a gappy table, or place to put thine olde coin collection lemme know. I'll bang it out with bald hands.

House O Slots

This ole brah of mine that I worked with at Crestview Doors saw the post about the slots for old razor blades, and told me that if he ever went into architecture again, he'd make a house full of slots.. a slot for old shoe laces, pens outta ink, yer skinny jeans... sounds awesome. help out the environment with less waste to the land fills, and insulate your home at the same time! Long as it ain't banana peels and expired hamster slots, your walls with be filled with old treasures for years to come.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bathroom lookin Sharp!

Been watchin quite a few DIY shows these days, pertaining to bathroom renovating and the like. Just saw this one where they ripped out an old medicine cabinet, and found about 700 used razor blades behind it.

Word has it, that back in the olden days, medicine cabinets were made with a slot in the back where jolly fellows tossed ye olde blades after their shave and moustache waxing. Our medicine cabinet is from said days. What is lurking behind that cabinet? Probably an army of old razor blades will be the least of our problems.
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