Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Birth of a logo!

So, I got me a new logo for the new website!

Here are a few of the rad designs that my great/wickedly talented friend Divya came up with.  I was kind of partial to this one because of the vinyl rekkid feel it had!

Think Divya has also skinny-ed me down a bit.  She's nice that way. 

Once we got to this woody style, I was IN.  Also, we took off the "PAD" since that's a word that I save just for you and this blog, you one lucky reader! 

Div threw in a bit of color,  wrapped the words around my chromey pate, and WHAMMO!  LOGO!  Check it out in all its beauty at the site Bald Man Mod!  Also, check out Divya's awesome new children's book, Little Owl's Night, or read this great interview with her on Design Sponge!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Design Sponge got to Meet Us/Plea for Friendship

Here's a post about a million years late!  Design Spongers came through Austin, and Julie and I got to meet Grace and Amy.  We made fools of ourselves by making some horrible crafts that had to be tossed when we got home and by bumbling around with the camera like we were 90 year olds with our first digital picturetaker.  After several attempts we got this picture here.  Everyone in the line that was out the door totally didn't mind.  Anyway, as suspected, they were nice and normal, cool people...  super friendly.  I think New York gets a bum rap- I have yet to meet a person from NYC I didn't like.  They might be back through town during SXSW.  I'll have Grace tack on "PAGE 346 IS TOTALLY MY FAVORITE!"  Pretty sure she signs that in all the other books.  She was probably just nervous to meet us. 

In other unrelated news, I have a little Facebook page for Bald Man Mod.  Currently low on the friends who like me, so do a baldman a solid, and like it.  Everyone likes to be liked right?  Don't send me the therapy over this.  Thanks brahs and sahs.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bald Man has Arrived! (?)

I have a real life, honest to god website.  Gettin more pro.  At a snail's pace... 

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