Thursday, July 31, 2008

Behold... BEHANCE.

Yes, Yes Y'all!!!

I was tooling around design milk, and ran across this here site called Behance. It's kind of this "We Gonna do it all" type site... People design stuff, and slap it up for others to ogle.

I typed in furniture and got a slew of awesome goodies. Might be my new fave site.

Not only can designers create this cool portfolio, but they have a job board, you can share tips, git together with other artsy types and collaborate... you get the idea. Makes me want to make cool stuff and join! Must create wicked cart to put AFTER horse.

Anyway, from the top down, we've got Solveig Petch's perfect take on an old piece of furniture, the Kinderspiel Cabinet, the Muskie Muskoka chairs (oh mon), the hangable and foldable BBB Pick Chair, and straight outta the Capital City of Austin TX, the Gezellig Print table. I'm gonna start building that cart ASAP.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Big n Bad in Balcones

I spied this haus over at Modern Austin. I’m in. That's original tile on that bar, mon.

Twas built in 1960 with over 2100 square feet... this kitchen is rad. Brick wall, clerestory windows, random cabinets with different colors... what's not to like?

The entry is great, and the wooded up ceiling is calling my name... 760k... needs it some fix ups, but not much... better school district than our house too, and oh yeah...

INDOOR POOL ANYONE?!!? Everyone. I'll take it. Any pool party that can be thrown in December is a pool party worth hosting. Get your Christmas suits out.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

London Wooders- Unto This Last

This place is pretty genius. Unto This Last is based in London making furniture, like this here Facet Chair, on their good ole CNC machine.

What makes em smart is they don’t ship and they don’t package up their items, so they pass on their savings to the customer. This is the Cell Shelf.

If you’re a Londoner, you can swing buy and get a great deal on what they have in their store front, or order something to size and they crank it out in a week. I have me a thing with wooden lamps/lamp shades.

Customers get a really cool piece of furniture, fast, quick and cheap. I guess the downside is, you know… you have to live in London. Smart though all the same. Would people come buy my furniture if I produced it out on the cheep? Think it’s that CNC machine that helps crank out goods so fast though, and I’m but one CRK machine, and s-l-o-w.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Manly Wednesday- Hott Etsy

Welcome to Manly Wednesday. You new? You old? I'm a bro, bro... I like designy things. But I can't talk about it 7 days of the week. Need the right to reserve ONE day to manly manliness. Surely there are other guys that watched Projrun with a slew of ladies... I got chastised for discussing the hottest model instead of concentrating on the dresses. Well today is Etsy Day. People out there making cool handmade products, and putting their cute hipster friends in em. GO!

The people over at Rockin Bones are awesome because they actually want the customer to send them pics wearing their clothing... AND want others to vote on the pictures! Fantastic. Bon Voyage! Where's the bus? Oh, it's docking now!

The lady over at LynnsRags is getting it right! Got that hot 50s, rockabilly, country gal thing going on that some ladies were to rock shows here in the heart of Texas.

Over at Ouma Clothing they are making a slew of party dresses. This party involves a private balcony suite at the carnival! RAD!!

Anyone making dresses worn by Dita Von Teese is a winner in my book. Not sure what this lady is holding, but she looks angry. Angry just right.

She Hit Pause Studios has some of my fave artwork. Excuse me, miss? You sprawled out across my lawn? Leaving your records out in the sun is really not... nevermind.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Austin and its Craigslist therein

Craigslist is all aces. Quite a few nice gems on it... We once sold a Kodawood Clamshell Chair and it was pretty easy. This here teak wood dining room table and set o chairs is pretty perfect. Why ain't more chairs made so wickedly I ask you?

These are woven vinyl chairs, so you can put em outside... reminds me... build cool patio under party cover. THEN buy chairs.

Mon, I love cool record players. Julie got me a portable Califone record player a few years ago, and it's great. This one is also calling my name with its mod sleekness... the ad mentions it also comes with hairpin legs. Seems like a nice match to this guy... They could have a leg off. Actually, I'd love to host a leg off... I'm getting off topic. Craigslist. Check it.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Bald Man on a Plate

I have a lot of really great friends. Deanna is one of these. She found this plate on etsy at Trixiedelicious’s shop. People come over and wonder who painted my face on a plate. I tell them “a lady in New Zealand who has never seen me.. Deanna bought it this way.” Here’s the proof. She sells the plates normally as a pair, so you can see what I look like with hair as well- post Hair Restoration.

Deanna has her own shop on esty called Little Lakes. It rules too, and she sells these hot organizers like crazy… seems like she can’t make them fast enough! Ever revolving fabric options keeps her stuff all phresh, and she makes custom stuff too. Anywayzzz… Here’s to wicked friends! Wicked friends who buy me fine china with my face predrawn on them! CLINK!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Manly Wednesday- Keith Moon Furniture

Keith Moon inspired furniture? Oh man, it’s my dream. It’s not often I get to mention the craziest drummer in rock and roll, and cool furniture designs, but today is that special day.

This crazy Richard Shed is floating around East London making some of the coolest items around. This is the Mr. Moon Shelf, and the description on his website is worth a full read, as it kills me. But the gist is this guy made The Who’s Keith Moon a shelf and, “In a fit of rock and roll excessiveness he picked up a shelf and launched it at the wall. One end of the shelf lodged itself in the wall and stuck out at an angle.” So perfectly cornball!

This is Keith’s Console, which obviously met the same fate as the shelf… Shed makes a bunch of fantastic items, like the Fat Leg Table, with one jumbo leg you can dump all your cords through, and dovetail tape I might use on some furniture til I get the actual dovetailing down… (eons away).

Wrapping up this here Manly Wednesday with The Who doing “Summertime Blues” at the Monterey Pop Festival. It’s perfect.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Mod Mom Furniture

In a world filled with good ole boys turnin’ canes on their lathes, it’s awesome to see this wild woman cranking out cool furniture in her garage.

You know about the Mod Mom Furniture already? Possibly. As I’m finding out slowly, gitting your hands on cool kid furniture requires hardcore searching/readily accessible gold bullion bars. That’s what Kiersten the Mod Mom realized as well, and now she’s cranking out stuff like this here Bertie Box. Hot!

Her stuff is all birch ply wickedness, like this Eamonn Table… mini green lazy susan in the middle? Yes, ma’am, think I will…

Just knowing that she’s making stuff like this creative Owyn Toy Box, in her garage, next to the washer and dryer, AND she has people out there ordering as fast as she’s assembling, gives a bald man hope. Did I mention I had a question or three to ask this lady, and she answered/gave me invaluable knowledge on how to not gouge myself with my biscuit joiner? Tis true. Buy those goodies she makes and put them in my house.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Manly Wednesday- The Tuff Baby Entry

So yeah, baby coming. It’s hard to do a Manly Wednesday baby post, but here’s an attempt.

We are having a girl, so I feel like it rules out quite a bit of the tough baby clothing and gear, but there must be some crossover, right? Take this pink skeleton onesie for instance…

The rest of these goodies are over at Sourpuss Clothing… I’d like to work there just to type descriptions of their items. This Eat Brains bib really taps into my love for zombies. I’ve been waiting to play a zombie in a movie for a million years. And we have friends that make movies. Heavy undead sigh.

These Misfits shoes are awesome! I don’t know why I never got into this band as they are what I love really. Cornball songs, band in makeup, punk with 50s undertones? Anyway, had I been into these guys, like many are, these would be a must. Doesn’t seem to scream feminine, but…

THIS SCREAMS IT! There’s something inherently wrong about a “toddler mini skirt”, but if it comes in neon green, with skulls and stars, consider it on the registry.
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