Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Manly Wednesday: Mocktoberfest

Man, here's the thing of it... first of all, who does Scarlett Johansson think she is getting married at 23?!? I mean, I know I'm older than Woody Allen practically (and married), but... I love beaches, balls, cherries, looking at the sun... c'mon Scarlett!!!!! You've broken my bald heart.

Tonight is Oct 22nd... not only is it my good friend Allen's b-day, but it's also one day LESS than a month from our bebe's due date. Come Nov 21st, Bald Man Mod Dad takes full effect. Tonight I had this sad solo Octoberfest meal involving grilled chili cheese dogs, bbq chips, and a hearty Fat Tire beer. I says to myself I says, "Self, maybe next year, you'll be in Berlin for Oktoberfest!", and self says to me back he says, "Fat chance, fat tire fat sucka... have a double dose of those chips and call it a year... on second thought... I think you've had enough chips."

So I drag my fat, bald, Scarlettless body into the soon-to-be nursery, and put some final touches on this chest o drawers I've been workin on... It used to be mine growing up, and before that was my uncle's growing up in the 50s. Actually his daughter just had a baby on Friday. She's 6 years younger than I. I'm not sure what all this means, but I'm off to buy a Trans Am with T tops tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Movie Watchin/Band Rockin

Yous know there's a rad documentary playing at the Austin Film Festival tomorrow nite called Visual Acoustics: The Modernism of Julius Shulman? The fantastic geezer who photographed all the modern homes since the beginning of modern homes- such as this here Case Study House 22 pic he took. DOUBLE CHECK THIS OUT! Julius Shulman is gonna be there in person at the ripe old age of 98, and baldman's friend's dad, Bill Merriman (space city architect) is gonna do a Q & A! Check that link above fer show times/locations and the like... but the Q & A is going to be on 10/16 at the Rollins Theater... 7pm- see you there!

And for those about to rock... The Bloody Tears are playing a show at the Scoot Inn on friday with another great band called Ripe. Get a double dose of bald if you're nasty.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Baldman the III update...

This lady be making me do stuff... bebe stuff. I be doin it bald man mod style tho, so I'm keepin it rell.

On this semi unexpected 3 day weekend, I got a lot of stuff done. Finished up th built-in veneering, completed the changing table, and today I put together the crib. Holla.

You catch you a glimpse of that Frank Lloyd Wright stencil near the ceiling? Got that for Christmas...

Amy Coe brings you her crib. It beat me senseless. Almost literally. The sides crashed down on my bald pate, and scraped my new changing table in the process...

What? New changing table? Right brah... First time using paints and finishes for the green minded/newly born. Low VOC style, and mineral oils. Actually, the velvit oil is my new fave finish... easy to apply and sand, and only needs one coat. and you can eat off it. Anyone need a wooden microwave? I'm yer baldman.

Friday, October 3, 2008

A Siding Tale

So back in May, we had us a litte hail storm. It made our house look like this.

After State Farm screwed us out of several thousand dollars, we decided to just bite the siding bullet, and yank down (read "have skilled pros yank down") our old crummy vinyl siding that was put up lord knows when... 70s some think? Who knows. Anyway, since the siding was nailed directly into the original 1937 wood siding, and it had quite a few spots of rot, we are going hardie plank style on the sucka.

Upside to having an old house is the abundance of solid wood used. One could pick any spot on any wall of our house, and hang a Caddy Escalade by a thumbtack without fear of it falling to the ground.

The other day, this cute young girl was going by the house, and I saw her look straight at our house and say OUT LOUD to herself, "OH MY GOD." Guess the pad ain't really raking in the chicks.

Other upside is we now have insulation up in da crib. Our next door neighbor told me he was thinking about getting this similar look for his house, but I told the brah... we already have the pink fuzzy thing, and everyone will know who the original PF was. Bring it university professor. Real men live in cotton candy abodes.
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