Thursday, April 17, 2008

Side Tabling

My wife's got her a 9 pound bebe floating around inside her, so really I need to finish up some stuff ASAP... like a table to go beside the rocking chair.

This is my fastest creation to date, with about two hours worth of thinkin/gatherin/creatin.

I got these old side desk top things for free from a guy who shipped the eames chairs they were originally attached to overseas. Overseas cat didn't want to pay the extra shipping for the desk tops, so now I have some.

Grabbed some hairpin legs sitting around in the garage, and sawed up a dowel rod, and wham bam thank you wood glue, I have a little table that goes pretty alright next to the rocker. Now mama got her a place to set down her whiskey whilst she breastfeeds.

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