Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Food, Wood, and Neighbor

Another man alone meal. A SLIGHT upgrade from chilimacandjaps, but the leftover mac and cheese and the TV tray bring me back to square one. However that ribeye was grilled to perfection .

I finished this little shelf I was working on for the bathroom. It turned out pretty well.

Took this closeup of the grain at the bottom of the shelf. I could go for a swim in that golden deliciousness.

Back outside to the humid Austin Wonderland. Funny sidenote before I go. Our neighbor Maria from a few houses down came up to my nasty ole backyard a couple days ago and says to me... "Hey, are you the Baldman?" The internet, I tell ya... it's a magical place. She let me dig through some wood they were going to get rid of, b/c she's awesome... She also couldn't find my email on this ole site, so maybe I'll figure that out someday. I can tell you it's this though... BALDMANMOD [at] GMAIL [dot] COM! UN [til] NEXT [time], bruthas [and] sistas!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bathroom Chronicles, Part Four: Fairly done.

Welcome to the new bathroom.

We no longer have to swing the door open, and squeeze by the sink to get to the toilet. Cool. (Also going to build a wall cabinet to go beside the medicine cabinet here.)

Nor must I stand sideways to take a shower.

The Hansgrohe fixtures gleam crisp and clean, whilst ebay brought down the prices lower than any ole bathroom center or lowes or what have you.

I'd say the nicest part of the bathroom would be the tile and the frameless glass shower enclosure with it's chromey hardware. I'd also say the worst is the contractor's workmanship on the details... say, when you put our toilet back in the house from being outside for months, maybe spray out the leaves in the tank first. I could go on, but I won't.

Oh, we've got some lighting up in thar.

Currently working on this little wall rack made out of sweet gum. Looking pretty alright. Still lots of work to do/issues to fix in this bathroom, but I can shower... and very occasionally shave.
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