Sunday, May 31, 2009

Baldy has Arrived!

So when I started making stuff, I thought I'd try to get some people to notice my goods, and maybe sell some. I read lots of goofy design blogs, and some I lightly bug, and some find me, and kindly write about my wares... but not til now do I feel like I've really made it. I've been snarked! Enough of the kind words and niceities... I've been wanting the non-critiquey, just flat out "I'm-gonna-take-a-dump-on-your-stupid-furniture" that only a snarky anonymous d-bag can really whip up, and I hit the jackpot. Thanks to Grassroots Modern for writing about my table, but thanks more to JJ's snark. I'm finally someone.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Industrial Designin & Porch Sittin

I got me a sweet email from Oscar over at the Behance Network saying that my pendant lamp is on their Industrial Design Served site they developed, "to further showcase the best projects in the Behance Network, within specific industries." Hi there. Chad Kelly- Industrial Designer. Anyway, my lamp is easin' its way down the list as fellow industrial designers git recognized.

In some much needed nonlamp news, Julie and I picked up these swank new chairs for our bare front porch.

We went to Ikea to get some sweet solar lights for the new landscaping but they are sold out and don't show signs of getting any in, SOOOOOOO... in order to not lose my mind for driving way out there on mother's day for not, we hit the "As Is" section, and saw these Ostero Chairs that appeared too good lookin to be there. We asked, "what the hay with these chairs?" and were told they were floor models and are marked down 30%.

Nowadays, I get to sit out on the front porch after a nice morning walk with Claire and Chester, and wave at the cute college girls as they go by, who are smiling in my general direction... I'm assuming it's because of my ripped body glistening in the sunlight, and not the cute baby in my lap or the sweet dog at my feet.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lip Sync from Days of Yore

Baldy's been busy with the post Lamp Party blues by doing mad mad rehearsing for Julie's 9th Annual Lip Sync/Karaoke B Day party. More difficult with a baby to rehearse, but it's still gittin done. This sync Julie and I did in our old house. Nows a days, we have to do it outside... 30% chance of rain on sat nite. Ergh. The sound and video on this thing USED to be outta sync, but I guess You Tube got their act together, and did us a solid.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bald Man Modscape

Bald Man Mod Pad and landscaping during le renovation:

Le Pad now:

Been trying to fix this landscaping nightmare before the neighbors call the Yard Patrol on my ass. We don't have a legit Yard Patrol, but I could be shamed to death with neighborly dagger stares. Tossing around the idea of making two concrete planter boxes to go on either side of that sidewalk in the front there. MAY be too large of an undertaking? We'll see.

Here's one side of the front landscaping. The only thing left standing from the days of yore is the agave plant, and a smattering of rogue weeds. Did you check out that solar panel? If not, do so now... it powers the fountain inside that pot. This should look better once the boys start growing.

Here's the other side of the landscaping dreamland. Whilst planting, I had a stranger pull over in front of the Mod Pad to ask me about the kind of mulch I use. I like to think that someone is asking me for some landscaping tips. Never happened during the house's pink fuzzy stage above... I only remember the cute girl and her, "Oh my gaaaaaaaaawd" comment as she walked by.

Here's the fountain in sun-powered action!

The rockstar of the right side of our house is this here purple cordyline. Guess it doesn't do well in the winter time so we'll see what happens, but for now it's totally rocking those little groupie plants, and is all, "ladies ladies ladies... give cordy a little room!"

Mo Bettah Recap

Annie over at My Ranchburger (who put this sweet collage of pics together) came in from Space City to cover last weekends design mayhem, and does a way better job than I. Check it out if you ain't sick of me blathering about it (or maybe if you'd like a better perspective). Now that lamp makin is outta the way, I can concentrate on perfecting my annual lip sync performance for my wife's wicked birfday party.

Monday, May 4, 2009

M+D+F 2009 Recap

The big day in the sun has come and gone. Here's a slight recap of a baldman, his lamp, and the M+D+F Exhibition at Design Within Reach.

My pa, my daughter, my lamp, and my first admirer are in this shot. Dad came to help me hang this guy the day before the exhibit, and it seemed a little dwarfed next to the giganto Shade Pendant DWR sells. The upside is it gets to stay there all week long, and maybe it can be seen through the window if you are walking by on all fours and angling your head just so.

I must admit that I didn't talk to many people who made stuff because I ended talking to all my awesome friends who came to support my woody creation... so names of designers or whatevs I slacked on... I do know that the woman who made these crazy lamps was named Gian and she won best in show. I won honorable mention like all the others who didn't get some propa props/chest bumps. I'm down with that.

I was also into the double duty of these end tables. One is End Table/Guitar Amp and the other is End Table/Grill. Rad.

The dood who made this beast I did talk to- Eric. He made this giant light out of styrofoam packing that can be found inside Apple Laptop shipping boxes. Looks cool. He won the best sustainable award. Really creative.

That's all I got. There were other entries too, but they deserve better than to end up on my goofy blog anyway. If you find yourself on 2nd Street, and aren't late for your massage or whatever, feel free to stop by Design Within Reach and feast your peepers on that lamp... should be there all this week, unless it gets in a scuffle with that beefy guy next to it. My lamp would lose the battle.
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