Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bald Man... The Music

As if you couldn't get enough of the bald man, I've started uploading some songs on muxtape. I don't have that many MP3s really, but if you wanna take a listen, it's a wide assortment of great songs. That's all I listen to.

The first song is by Gillian Hills, the saucy number above. She was in a few b-movies back in the day, and also made a record or two... some in french... anyway, I could go on and on, but I'd get sidetracked, since really i want to discuss the movie, Beat Girl. Gillian is in said movie, and it rules... all about English beatnik kids, and rock and roll. The music is great, and the majority of it was written by John Barry, who also did the James Bond Theme Song. The theme song of Beat Girl is in a very similar vein, and one of the bands on my record label used to cover it in their live shows.

Anyway, check out the opening scene of Beat Girl, with Gillian Hills, the great theme song, and get this movie and watch it! Better yet, find me the soundtrack on ebay!!

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Stressed Estudiante said...

Great reading yyour blog post

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