Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thangs of Wood that Normally Ain't

During the blustery cold nastiness, the pendant lamp workshop moved into the living room momentarily. If someone needs them a lamp, they ain't caring if it's wicked cold outside and the garage hasn't any heat.

Also got to take the new vacuum press for a trial run, and it bends some veneer like a champ, and all I have to do is sit back and watch.

Also, I got this supercool ashwood record player for my bday in spirit from my friend deanna. I got it in spirit, b/c the 1300 dollar price tag is something I'm definitely not worth in real life. In Spirit Life, I own rare wooden records to play on this bad boy. Back in real life I got the mono box set of the beatles from my awesome wife for my birthday. Though I'm deeper into decrepity, it's good to know that the fab four will always be older.. and more decrepity.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Schoolhouse RAWK

My friend John mentioned this here school is for sale out in Smithville Texas. Maybe we'll move in!

It was built in 1905, and takes up an entire city block... My only fear is that come 3am, all the ghostly schoolchildren would come out to play. I have no doubt about nightly kid laughter/fingernails on the chalkboards/paddling/wailing, etc.

Not only does the place come with an apartment ready for livin in, it also comes with a stage to rock. That would make Julie's annual lip sync party a superrad hit... nicer to watch John and his sister on an auditorium stage than in our backyard, like below...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What Am I Doing?

This friend o mine wants me to refinish this stereo cabinet for him. I says to the man, I says, "Lookit man, I've made this and that, but I've never done me any type of refinishing before. You sure you want me to do this?" He tells me it can't look much worse, but also follows it up with, "my grandfather gave it to me when he passed away, and it has a lot of sentimental value." Awesome.

So I take my sander to this heirloom piece and see what happens. Startin to get somewhere. Gonna whip out the dremel and harness me some new skills in them hard to get to spots. Did I mention this stereo is sitting under my leaky party cover with a tarp on it, and there's a hardcore chance of rain this week? No worries, brah.

In other I-Don't-Know-What-I'm-Doing news, I purchased a vacuum press kit thinger, with a motor and many brass fitting type parts. After a couple, "How do i do this??" emails and a trip to Breed and Co, I got my gearhead on, and now it's wired up and runnin fine. I'm in the big leagues now, and gonna be vacuum pressing veneers into bendy wood objects like nobody's bidness. Let's let Little Eva take it out with her appropo hit Bend it!

- - Little Eva - Bend It

Found at abmp3 search engine

Friday, January 8, 2010

Clock In!

The other day I was reading Mid Century Modernist, and they had them a thing on George Nelson table top clocks.

There are several being auctioned off at the Wright Auction House for tons of money. They are all wildly different and super cool.

Momma tells me (that's my ma, not my baby momma) clocks are where it's at if I want to sell goods on Etsy. I sold one wall clock, but these mini table sized versions provide some great inspiration, and easier for the baldmanmod packaging and shipping department. Someday Nelson, you shall meet your match with clocks at a slightly lower price point. R&D department is already on it, and the buzz around the warehouse is growing everyday. Almost deafening this buzz.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bathroom Stage One: Plan it, yo.

Trying to come up with some bafroom ideas now that the holidays are behind us... Found this great looking room on Design Sponge, and really want to know where they got this tile! I think we could use it on the walls of the shower, and would go along nicely with this here tile below.

Julie's loved this fabrique tile from daltile for a long time. Then our friends got it put in one of their bathrooms, so now we are copycats. I'm okay with that. We've copycatted those cats before...

Also just ran down to the Salado Sawmill and picked up some super awesome Sweet Gum wood. Guess ole Bob is retiring, and he told me that we must be the only two people who like sweet gum, since he can't seem to get rid of it... I say if it's good enough for the rad German company Miele Die Kuche, it should be good enough to go in our tiny master bathroom.
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