Monday, October 26, 2009

Fo Sho Case!

Having me an Etsy Type Job today. Signed up for a showcase to do some showcasin. Maybe it'll help sell people some super cool stuff for the holidays. MAYBE. They do need it. YOU NEED IT! Why buy boring crap as presents when you could buy my cool crap?

Monday, October 12, 2009

Bent Wood Clock and THEN SOME.

Got another thing cranked out here at the baldmanmodpadgarage. It's a bent wood clock!

Basically, I've used the same mold I use to make the lampshades, but with a twist. By "twist" I mean clock hands. I also used thicker veneer to take a harder beating, and since light doesn't need to shine through it, it works out great.

I used a couple pieces of maple veneer, then a piece of walnut, and finished it off with maple again. I cut some slots in the sucka to let the walnut show through. Came out pretty okay! Have it up for sale HERE.

Speaking of my wood veneer lampshade, here's one hanging in the Angela's house! Looks good with all her rad furnishings... Thanks for sending me the pics!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

60s Appreciation Day

The other day, Claire and I went to check out some garage sales around the neighborhood. We spied this uber cool 1960s Tripod Floor Lamp, and snagged it from this old hippie dood, who told us it still has a "grow bulb" in it. To grow what, hippie man?

Claire was all, "let's get it anyway, we can snazz it up!" So we did. We put a nice coat of paint on the lamp, and switched out the grow bulb for something a tad more pleasing. It's currently residing in our living room and looks good, but I also put it up for sale in ye olde shoppe, just in case someone likes cool stuff.

Speaking of 60s appreciation, The Mullens rule that school... one of my favorite bands, and Claire and I listen to their song Esmerelda literally 5 times a day. I would have my hair cut just like these chumps, making Julie happy that my follicles hate my guts.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Toy Box/Record Cabinet II

Onward through the fog... Welcome back for part two of this beast. Here we have the toybox done glued and screwed, ready for some finish and maybe another piece of wood on the top? Thank God Julie's been working out b/c there ain't no way even a bulked up man such as myself can move that monster into the living room alone.

Here's a closeup of the old door chunks turned toy box siding. Looking pretty good door chunks!

Here's the combo living in its permanent new spot between the living room and the dining area.

I had some help with the installation. Still have to put the kid friendly hinges up on thar though, which Claire pointed out. It has yet to pass her final inspection.

Got the bamboo lamp up and ready for records and toys galore! Might have to move the Jenn Ski print up a tad.

Success! Finished! Onto the next thing... Bentwood clock.
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