Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Toy Box/Record Cabinet Take One

I finally wrapped up this toy box/record cabinet number, and have some pics to share. Basically, it's two pieces, but they'll be right next to each other and I wanted em to have some similar features. This is an old TV stand thing we got at Target many moons ago that was hiding my records. I started taking it apart here. I reused the majority of this guy, but changed it to fit in with the mostly birch plywood toy box I whipped up.

I didn't use the same top for the record cabinet, but I did reuse the hardware to make things easier on my own self... (though there had to be some wicked precise placement of these little buggers).

I covered the side panel of the cabinet with a thin plywood to match my toy box, and also did me some painting of the open space so basically none of the dark wood shows (except fer in with my records, where no one will go but me... and I don't like me enough to make that area pretty).
Here's the actual toy box getting some real low brow clamping action. When the baby starts crying in the monitor, it's time to throw heavy concrete blocks on the thing instead of gittin everything just so... babies don't care about pretty clamping, just about eating mac and cheese and cheerios or whatever. Anyhoo, here's a little insight about the front of this toy box... well, let us jump down below, shall we?

When I worked at Crestview Doors, we'd have tons and tons of wooden rectangular window cut outs, since the CNC machine cut through the solid wood doors to put windows wherever. The inside of the doors where butcher block style wicked heavy doors. I always thought the butcher block innards looked kinda cool, so I grabbed some of the cut outs, ran them through my table saw so they were all the same thickness, and glued em together. Table Saw and I became pretty good friends, but I had to leave certain pieces a little thicker than the average b/c even though we were getting tight, Table Saw was still all, "I swear to God, I'll eat that hand bro," so the thick cut guys gotta stain, and the others got a clear coat. I made up some doors to go on the record cabinet piece to match the toy box, which can be seen here. Part Two is coming... right now it's time to take a shower, and...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bookin It, Baldy Style

You're not gonna believe this one, since I'm still not really believing it myself. So Design*Sponge is going to put out a book next year. I got an email asking if I would like to put my filing cabinet planter in it. Crazy! Sure! New pictures are being taken, and your favorite new read of the 2010 Holiday Season will be put out by Artisan Books. If this guy is going to be 400+ pages, I can only assume the planter will have a minimum of 100 pages of coverage... that is if Artisan wants to sell a quazillion copies. As if you hadn't seen enough of this yellow attention hog, here's a new shot with some new plants, as others decided they'd prefer death to living in a filing cabinet.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bookin It

These days are gloomy and dreary, but Claire, Chester and I still get out for a walk here and there. We try walking between the raindrops, but it only works so well...

I've also been checking out a buncha library books, because doing so is free. Most books are about making the most outta small houses, in case Claire ever gets a sibling/it starts raining money. I was flipping through this book, Natural Remodeling for the Not-So-Green House, and I says to myself I says, "Self- Claire, Chester and I walk by this house ALL THE TIME!" They bumped out their attic space with a couple cool dormers. Today we double checked that it's the same joint.

And it is!!! Maybe we can become friends, and they can fix up our attic for us. I've also been reading Making It Lovely, and checking out the bitchin job they did on their attic nursery. I'm hoping, when we do make over our attic, that the door into the new space is magical... Like crossing into a Narnia-sized world that holds an office, new bedroom, new bathroom, new winterwonderland filled with mystical creatures, etc.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Big Foot Lamps

Doods, I can't even tell you about my current life of baby chasing. It's bogged down the bloggin hardcore. On the off chance that I get one spare minute, I've been building this toybox/record cabinet contraption, so anyhoo... Here's a post all the same! By this rad company called Kozo Lamp.

These characters has gone bonkers in the plumbing supply aisle, and created these super cool lamps. They almost look like little robot aliens designed to help you study/read/clip yer toenails in the dark. I just put up a support on our drain pipe curtain rods. Also, Apartment Therapy just rambled about the cool stuff smacked together with such piping. The baby calleth. Stay tuned for this wild first attempt at toybox making. For seriously cool/funny commentary on such a world, go read Mod Mom. That Edward Cullen post kills me every time I read it.
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