Friday, July 24, 2009

Design Sponge Lowers Standards & Allows THIS In!

I knew the day would come when the filing cabinet planter would be more popular than I... actually, it ain't no stretch- the dog is also way more popular to our 8 month old than I. ANYWAY, back to the more popular inanimate object, the filing cabinet planter was on Design Sponge for chrissakes! And everyone has been so nice with their comments... I know some in the designy world can be a little on the cold side, but Grace at Design Sponge is all aces! Anyhoo, go check it out and get your snark on if need be.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

This slab o wood could be yours!

Ye olde Mesquite Treat is up for grabs on my esty site. Who is it going to? MAYBE YOU? Callers are standing by...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Filing Planter Returns!

I ended up leveling out the beds to the filing cabinet planter... and threw in this "Before" shot for posterity.

I think this jazz looks better now as one cohesive unit, instead of different little beds stuck in their filing drawers. More pics below, then I promise to not go overboard on this filing planter banter no mo.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Mesquitey Treat in the Texas Heat

A while back, Claire and I went on a wood hunt via some Craigslist post. After the two of us discussed, we picked up this slab o mesquite with the cool sapwood rings, wormholes and roughness on the edges.

After some quality time scraping and sanding to a fine smoove surface, I slapped on some Watco Danish oil (since it seems like the Danes have a good thing going, and I had this in the garage) and let it marinate.

I attached some hairpin legs and voila! Mesquitey table/bench thang! It ain't exactly done, for I'm gonna poly the beast, but it does hold quite a heavy load, as seen in pic below...

I'm gonna put this thing on my etsy site when it's all finished (Crocs not included with purchase).

Friday, July 17, 2009

File that under DONE.

Honestly, I don't know how it happened, but I finished some golldang projects up in har. I painted those supports, (and the screen door- might post a pic if I'm bold enough to go back outside ever agane)- but check it out. Filing cabinet turned planter is DONE. I built some quicky planter boxes and put em inside each drawer slot, then spray painted it yellow...

Then I blew my entire Big Red Sun gift certificate (thanks Amber) on these succulents, and WHAMMO! BIG YELLA PLANTER!

Luckily I timed my excursion to the place after they had just picked up some new plants from their growers. Unluckily, I also showed up on said day they decided to go to the growers/close the store.

Need to get me some mo potting soil to raise these beds a touch. This succulent is pretty radical.

To keep on the painting tip I MAY git a wild hair to paint those poles that hold up our party cover (read weird old carport in the backyard) that are all rusted and seen in the background here. I also might wait til Texas is moved to Canada before starting that project.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Battle is Over...

The Before:

The After:

Finally these supports are done! Geez doods. Never in a million years did I know the pain of paint scraping in 100 + heat. I gotta hand it to those roofers... they are nutzo.

The real lame part is that there are still chunks o old paint that I just couldn't scrape. I tried, mind you, but could NOT get it all... and after several attempts, stubborn 70 year old paint and heat induced delirium win the battle.

Think I'm going to paint the screen door this navy-ish color too. Then get on those concrete planters to put in that empty zone on either side of that sidewalk. I'll be sure to get on all that soon as it's January. For now, it's icy beverages in the AC, and dreaming about that cool Michigan lake that we'll be diving in come this time 3 weeks from now.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Artwork & the Hottest Coolest Time in TX

Well, one small task was actually completed, which is a rarity these days. Julie got me this conglomerate of Jenn Ski Letter Art to spell Claire's name in ye olde nursery... not only that, but said artwork actually made it up on the walls. Such completion can not be said of the file cabinet planter, unfinished porch supports, or detailed Mini Cooper that needs to be sold stat... which just reminded me that I had a dream this morning that an old coworker came over and washed my car. Maybe I'll leave a bucket in the driveway, and send that guy some serious power of suggestion.

Screw unfinished projects and baby raising. We're going to Schlitterbahn y'all. Claire can maybe go next year, but this year it's just the "adults" gittin tubular.
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