Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Music to build by...

So I've been out back makin lamps these days. Weirdly, I've also listened strictly to one album during the entire process of each lamp. During lamp one, I listened to Mudhoney's Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge album, and it's SO good. Saw them a few months back and they are just as good now as they were in 1991, if not better. I MAY have over rocked that lamp, as when it arrived at the house of its new owner, it had an eight inch crack along one side. I had to remake er... which I did by listening to the same album at a lower decimel... should get there fine this time.

As if going back to 1991 wasn't digging into the archives deep enough, for lamp two I backed it up another 20 years and listened to Pink Floyd's Meddle over and over. Sometimes I got creeped out in the middle of the 23 minute long song Echoes, which is what they were going for I'm assuming. I love that San Tropez song though... So sue me. I didn't hear back from the person who bought this lamp... MIGHT be because it snuck up on her and attacked her whilst she slept.

I'm more than halfway done with the bamboo veneer lamp I'm entering into that M+D+F exhibition, and I brought it back to current day with that two man band I blathered about seeing/loving to slobbery bits during SXSW- The Black Diamond Heavies, and their first album, Every Damn Time. The only time I couldn't hit "play agane" was when Claire was sleeping, and I had the baby monitor on, so I got to listen to her flop around and wah sometimes. I'm assuming this will result with exhibit goers rocking their pants off, pulling them back up and pooping in them.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Deck o Cards

I feel like one of those types that will get married in two weeks, still doesn't have the place picked out, but has the fancy napkins ready to go. Though I haven't finished making the actual lamp for this M+D+F thing, I have hand cut several chunks of scrap veneer into exact bidness card measurements, and stamped em with this quick design I whipped up (thanks to deanna who found the perfect branch). Maybe no one will pick a card up at the exhibit and I can veneer my walls with these doodads.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Baldy's Wild Ride

Why would I pick this filing cabinet up downtown for 10 bucks, squeeze it into the back seat of the Honda Civic (with side door open), dodge the cops by taking back roads and alleyways til I got it back to home base?

So it could look like this here someday. Saw this gem at Big Red Sun, and thought, "maybe I could do that.... eventually." I'd like to think eventually soon, but... Anyhoo, 10 bucks beats the 600 smakkas I'd pay at Big Red Sun, and maybe we'll paint ours yellow. Some. Day.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This Just In...

Says Vickie from Design Within Reach regarding my lamp submission in their M+D+F Exhibition:

Hi Chad,
Thank you for your recent submission. Our jurors have selected your entry to be on display during our event on 05/03/09. We will be setting up for the event on Saturday 05/02, 6-7pm. Please let me know if you will be able to participate.

Kind regards, Vickie

Looks like I suckered em in... Gonna have to look pro... like get some business cards and hair plugs or something? Something. I should at least make the lamp I guess. RSVP to see me win Best in Show on May 3rd! I asked Julie to be my handler. Least there will probably be some drinks or something.

Etsy and the Woody Stuff Therein

I've been dorkin about these days on etsy, and looking at what other people, with better skills, do with wood. I often run around town picking up other peeps wood scraps, and think, "What can I do with these tiny pieces of real nice wood?" The couple over at Amischievousmarriage make these cool little fruit pedestals. Fun!

I once followed this thread on Apartment Therapy called "Story of a Table" which documented a custom made table built from reclaimed wood by the Lorimer Workshop. These days, they also have an etsy shop, and I saw this cool bench which seems so simple/radical it's blowin my mindhole.

I'd seen the focuslineart etsy site a long time ago, but for some reason, didn't realize they also do their tree ring art thang on hunks o tree! This is another thing I've done... collect little logs that I plan to cut up and do something cool with. I went down that road once, and forgot to read the name of the road when I turned on it... Thisiscrap Rd. Focuslineart obviously didn't live in the neighborhood.

The Black Elm Woodworking dood is perhaps my current fave. This SEWARD Coffee table is boss. Makes me go, "Oh, this is what professionals do with wood." I always read about people who grew up with their carpenter dads making furniture and that sorta thing. I grew up with my dad fixing up a 68 Camaro with 20,000 original miles, and still don't change my own oil... however, if he built our house or something, maybe I'd be at this level now... I'm just behind the curve, that's all. This is no dad slam. Please see how he built my patio.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

This and That

Probably one of the swankiest craigslist postings I've seen in a long time. It's a Vintage Mid Century Telefunken Delmonico Korting Stereo. Half of the cabinet is mirrored, padded bar, and the other side is stereo and record player. Rad rad rad.

In lamp news, I've sent one out and have another one in the works. Here is a pic of the two different veneers for the two different lamps after being all vacuum pressed and all. They look pretty good. Also just sent in my application for that M+D+F exhibition the day before it's due. I'm heavy on the slack these days which I chalk up to dealing with a baby who is hungry/needs entertainment/is crabby and needs a nap/is puking on me/has a wet diap/you name it. She did go to the UPS Store with me though, and mail off Lamp One. She also flirted with the cute lady in line behind me. Babies are pretty cool.
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