Monday, February 16, 2009

Lamps and Lamp Ladies

Man, there has been some sweet sweetness rolling through this joint. Jaime over at Design Milk done blogged that pendant lamp, and Ted, the dang owner of Thin Air Press vacuum contraption, talked about the lampshade too, after giving me some helpful advice. Radical. Thangs is just coming up roses, ain't they?

Also, you guys seen this Hannah Nunn lady, and her rad lamps on etsy? I read an article about this woman, and how she walks a few steps from her home to her store in England, and turns on all her cool lamps, and makes her own stuff by the warm light when she's not selling funky lamps like hotcakes. Remind me to do the same in my next lampladyinleedslife.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Big Lights and Little Ladies

So I went ahead and put this ole bendy piece of wood up on the etsy site, and had me some interest already, so that's cool.

Know what else is cool? This little lady... Julie is about to head back to work, so it'll be just baldy and the baby making wood lamps and dirty diapers. No snide comments on who is doing what, peanut gallery...

Friday, February 6, 2009

wood veener pendant lamp- ALIVE!

So, I'm silently typing, as we've, possibly dumbly, put the crib in the same room as the computer. It definitely cuts back on me watching Cramps videos on you tube (R.I.P. Lux Interior). Anyway, on wit the show.

So I figured out a way to hang this lampshade pendant style, which really makes the most sense personally.

This week was my first time to Callahan's General Store, where I found me some parts that were never made to be attached to a mod pendant lamp, but that I purchased anyway.. and the old guys reminded me of my bros at Breed & Co.

I'm hoping this guy will sell on Etsy. We'll see.

This shot is kind of funny b/c I've taken down the old fam reunion frame that spans across that wall, put up my fave jennski pic in a really weird (some would deem creative) spot up against the door trim, and you can see my extra wire on one side and me actual ikea light on the other. Here's to not cropping!!! CLINK! Get your baldwoodencreation soon!
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