Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Manly Wednesday- Fuel

Some dudes eat whatever. Don’t care. I knew a guy that would eat ribs for breakfast, and he’d tell me, “Hey man, it’s just fuel.” Same guy who took me to lunch at Hooters, which I thought was funny, and told him my wife is going to think it’s strange, and he had no idea why. Here is some weird dood food from

Well, this ain’t exactly food, til the bottle is gone, but this Scorpion Vodka is supposed to be good for the libido and removes toxins from the bloodstream? Guess the scorpion reverses those toxins alcohol normally puts in your system? Maybe we should put them in queso and German Chocolate Cake too.

Nothing gives me the willies more than a slew of ants. One or two okay, but a slew- no good. I don’t care for them in my lollies either, but they have a spicy taste? I’m sticking to jalapenos b/c I know the possibility of being attacked by a slew of jalapenos is rare.

Luckily these caterpillars come pre-salted, so they are ready to eat. The collectors of these tasty treats squeeze out their bright green guts before they cook em. Thank god, b/c those Hooters ladies wouldn’t serve Worms ‘N’ Wings if the worms weren’t pregutted. Fuel up!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bald Man... The Music

As if you couldn't get enough of the bald man, I've started uploading some songs on muxtape. I don't have that many MP3s really, but if you wanna take a listen, it's a wide assortment of great songs. That's all I listen to.

The first song is by Gillian Hills, the saucy number above. She was in a few b-movies back in the day, and also made a record or two... some in french... anyway, I could go on and on, but I'd get sidetracked, since really i want to discuss the movie, Beat Girl. Gillian is in said movie, and it rules... all about English beatnik kids, and rock and roll. The music is great, and the majority of it was written by John Barry, who also did the James Bond Theme Song. The theme song of Beat Girl is in a very similar vein, and one of the bands on my record label used to cover it in their live shows.

Anyway, check out the opening scene of Beat Girl, with Gillian Hills, the great theme song, and get this movie and watch it! Better yet, find me the soundtrack on ebay!!

Side Tabling

My wife's got her a 9 pound bebe floating around inside her, so really I need to finish up some stuff ASAP... like a table to go beside the rocking chair.

This is my fastest creation to date, with about two hours worth of thinkin/gatherin/creatin.

I got these old side desk top things for free from a guy who shipped the eames chairs they were originally attached to overseas. Overseas cat didn't want to pay the extra shipping for the desk tops, so now I have some.

Grabbed some hairpin legs sitting around in the garage, and sawed up a dowel rod, and wham bam thank you wood glue, I have a little table that goes pretty alright next to the rocker. Now mama got her a place to set down her whiskey whilst she breastfeeds.

Monday, April 14, 2008


I’ve been pickin up with this bro is puttin down.

Trevor O'Neil is out there finding cork from gutted warehouses, and turning them into these mad pieces of furniture.

I've been thinking about cork these days... for the floor? for the wall? Maybe the whole house? Thumb tacks EVERYWHERE! Word on the green streets is that cork is a good renewable resource anyway, even if I have to buy it from Breed and Co down the street. I could also talk about that joint for hours.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Manly Wednesday- When you gotta Clean

Doods, it’s true that sometimes ladies get injured or leave you because you’re ugly. When this happens, it’s time to take cleaning into your own hands. Here’s what you can do…

First of all, don’t do the work- make a robot do it. There’s nothing worse than cleaning out a gutter. You are either doing it from a ladder or from the roof, and either way, your head is doomed to meet the concrete from several feet up. This little guy does your work for you while you drink a beer.

You a smoker? You always putting out the ciggies on the ground and getting in trouble? Here’s your ashtray, brah. Stomp like a man, and keep the backyard clean at the same time.

The office a mess? Desk covered in crap? Here’s your device… The toilet vacuum cleaner. Appears to be a nasty little goody already in there.

Lady said you didn’t dust thoroughly? Did you remind her you were wearing your brass knuckle brush? Well, at least she ain’t left yo ugly ass yet.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Done Diggity Done

Finished square up that door brahs. I'll cool my bloggy jets now til it's done.

Manliest Wednesday of them all...

This might not seem like the manliest post to others, but it is by far the manliest post for me personally. I'm making an entry table, and this piece is the door for a little cabinet that's going to be built into it.

This is the before shot of my door. To get it to its near-final state, i used no fewer than 4 power tools, hence its ultra manliness.

I added some walnut and maple veneer to the wood using my rad Thin Air Press. In this picture, I've flush trimmed the left side and the bottom, so they are pretty straight. more trimmin to do! I used my router for the first time to do so... I'd like to thank my brother-in-law for accompanying me to who-know's-where in Pflugerville to pick up that router from some dude selling it on craigslist... we got wicked lost, paid 8 different tolls, and had to use the walgreens restroom after being in the car for way too long after drinking some beers. Thanks Steve!
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