Monday, October 12, 2009

Bent Wood Clock and THEN SOME.

Got another thing cranked out here at the baldmanmodpadgarage. It's a bent wood clock!

Basically, I've used the same mold I use to make the lampshades, but with a twist. By "twist" I mean clock hands. I also used thicker veneer to take a harder beating, and since light doesn't need to shine through it, it works out great.

I used a couple pieces of maple veneer, then a piece of walnut, and finished it off with maple again. I cut some slots in the sucka to let the walnut show through. Came out pretty okay! Have it up for sale HERE.

Speaking of my wood veneer lampshade, here's one hanging in the Angela's house! Looks good with all her rad furnishings... Thanks for sending me the pics!!

1 comment:

Cheryl said...

Chad, that clock is incredibly cool. I love it. It would make an awesome Christmas present! I'm glad to see the pic of the lamp hanging over the oval table. It is a great finishing touch to that room. Gees, I wonder if they need a clock... perfect!

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