Monday, June 15, 2009

Paint Paint Go Away

For the past few weekends, and a few days in between, I've been out scraping these metal supports on our front porch.

I would say short of having a kidney stone lodged in my ureter, this is one of the worst times I've gone through. Putting on a mask, hat, goggles and gloves, whilst glopping crazy bad chemicals on top of cancer inducing lead paint in 100 degree weather does not a happy man make. The worst part is the amount of paint I get off per scrape. I want all the effort to yield massive amounts of paint/paint stripper sludge, but taking off the white paint, then the brown paint, then the white paint underneath is taking waaaay too long.

Our next door neighbors busted me in the late afternoon when I'd hit some sort of sun induced delirium, and had a burst of dance funk singing-out-loud energy listening to King Khan & The Shrines do their hit Welfare Bread. I'm hoping some Lead Paint fairy comes in the middle of the night to finish this job, as it seems like it won't end any time soon.

1 comment:

divya said...

in the 5th grade, my neighbor, matt melton, who lived across the street in trophy club totally busted me while i was in the backyard alone performing a real emotional rendition (duh) of madonna's borderline. never been busted like that since.

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