Friday, June 26, 2009

Cuttin, Coolin, and Sweatin

This is a wicked mish mash of a post... Soundtrack as I type is the constant growling of a 7 month old who would rather sound possessed than take a snooze. Anyhoo, here's a pic of cutting board in action, so it worked at least once.

This weekend is the Cool House Tour here in A-Town. We'll be attending. We're hoping two things. Thing One: Get some wicked rad ideas on how to best add on to our house. Ideas that are energy efficient, look cool, and add room to the joint in case there's another growler in the future. Thing Two: Several thousand free dollars end up in our savings account to complete said pie in the sky. I've been reading the "My Remodel" section over at Inspired Austin, and it's well... inspiring.

Also going to a rock show this weekend. Thank God. Long stints without rock shows make a bald man lame and blahhhhed out. Sweatbox Studio is turning 16, and is having a couple good shows. The vast majority of Licorice Tree Records stuff was recorded there, and Mike Vasquez is a wickedly nice guy. Anyone who is ready to rock, lettuce go to Emo's! I'm going to the Sat nite show, so if you don't want to see me, go on Friday nite.

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Mom said...

Totally LOVE the cutting board. It sits beckoning me to slice, dice and chop on it. I don't want to scar its beauty, but it is so masochistic--it is begging to be abused!! Good luck on finding house expansion ideas... maybe you'll win a drawing in one of the houses you visit and get yours done for free. Good luck with that! Enjoy your Saturday night, too. You have a great weekend in store! Love you (and my beautiful cutting board, too!) XOXOXOX Mom

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