Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Belated Board

So I have a variety of projects goin on, and finally one is finished. Finished WAY late, but finished. I made Ma a Mother's Day present cutting board... however Mother's Day was last month.

This is maybe the most manly item I've made... or at least the old-manliest, as I feel like this may be the kind of item those 90 year old woodworker types might be into.

However, I actually got the idea from ReadyMade Magazine (where'd that gift subscription go anyway?) and only youngsters read that right? Here's the thing... you gotta have mad straight cutting skills to make this dood. I'm good at cutting stuff that doesn't have to be wicked straight, so this was a challenge, and why mom got her present on Father's Day instead.

I also made her a cutting board in Junior High (read- Middle School to the little ones keeping up) which was two pieces of wood glued together. She only had half a cutting board in due time, and I believe said halfboard is still in use. So this is the updated version eons later.

I did me lots of table sawing this round, which is my most feared machine. I know it can (and strongly desires to) cut my flesh way easier than it can cut this maple... Also spent days scraping and scraping with my cabinet scraper, as seen in pic one... small piece of metal that works way faster than some measley piece of sandpaper. Put some feet on, poured a ton of mineral oil over the top and bottom of this bad boy, and cutting board COMPLETE! Ma also gave me a present in return... both parents went to Memphis and swung by Goner Records (which ma deemed a "dumpy little hole in the wall") just for me, and brought me back a shirt. That's love. She deserves a cutting board.


Annie said...

Your cutting board brings back memories. My son made a cutting board for me when he was in middle school (could have been Jr. High, I can't remember.) Anyway, that's a cool board your made for your mom.

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