Sunday, June 15, 2008

Drape Pipes

We got us these windows in the bedroom that have just had crummy, easily bent mini blinds up since we bought the house.

We found some drapes on craigslist that were being sold from a nice mid century house off 51st street, so we grabbed the lot.

Thing was, we didn't have curtain rods, or rings, but we got some rings on ebay for ultra cheap, and Julie picked em up in Round Rock, so we didn't have to even pay shipping.

Anyhoo, curtain rods seem pricey for no real reason, but galvanized plumbing pipes ain't, so to the plumbing dept we went.

The windows are kinda "L" shaped, with a spare lonely dood on a side wall. We grabbed us some couplers and tore it up, as seen in the picture tore up above. It took some planning, and that one 10 foot pipe just BARELY fit, but the curtains are up, and we can now get our swank on.


Lisa said...

I love those rods!

Gabrielle said...

I specialize in draperies, I love what you did. I'm always looking for inexpensive rods. Very creative with that corner!

Anonymous said...

So I'm stumbling upon your blog almost 4 years after you made this post, so not sure if you'll even see this comment. But just in case you do, I was wondering whether you needed any center supports for this.

Thanks for the inspiration!!

CK said...

Ha! Elsie, people love some plumbing pipe drapery rods more than anything else I've blathered about for some reason. The answer is yes, after a couple o years we did actually add a center support (also a pipe with a curved piece at the end). Our walls are solid wood, and it probably would have been fine but there was a bit of a sag, so we thought just in case... anyway, pipe it up!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the quick reply!! On my way to Home Depot in just a few minutes to see what I can come up with.

Thanks again for the fantastic idea!

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