Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Baldy's Wild Ride

Why would I pick this filing cabinet up downtown for 10 bucks, squeeze it into the back seat of the Honda Civic (with side door open), dodge the cops by taking back roads and alleyways til I got it back to home base?

So it could look like this here someday. Saw this gem at Big Red Sun, and thought, "maybe I could do that.... eventually." I'd like to think eventually soon, but... Anyhoo, 10 bucks beats the 600 smakkas I'd pay at Big Red Sun, and maybe we'll paint ours yellow. Some. Day.


D E A N N A said...

That's GENIUS!! I love your idea. I am always looking for something to house plants that my dogs can't reach. See, they like to eat plants.
If you ever need help moving stuff don't forget that I have an SUV with fold down seats! ;)

Lisa said...

That's so funny. I was going to say "genius" too! What a cool planter. I can't wait to see it in yellow.

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