Thursday, September 18, 2008

Begone Chair Envy!

So we were really lusting after Daniel's chair, but Ebay came through for us. Some Canucks had this VERY similar Danish (DAN-ish?) rocking/reclining/high backed lounger AND it was red, which goes with the bebe room theme... though we've been told red ain't no bebe room themed color. I guess they do it dfferently up North. Please forgive the hippie No VOC paint and vegetable oil based finish in said pic (and old hunks of door and jamb... you are welcome for the thin sliver of really rad lamp i'm unna make a veneered lampshade for).

I mean, for real. These pics are dark and all, but did you notice that reeeeediculously rad arm rest into chair leg? C'mon. Baby Claire gonna get her ass rocked off in that bad boy.

1 comment:

D E A N N A said...

looooove the chair! how perfect!

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