Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Dane Alert!

Rasmus Fenhann not only makes great looking stuff, he also gets to live in Denmark doing it. Lucky man that man. Julie and I are fans of Scandinavian design, and Fenhann’s work keeps the fine Danish design alive.

I’ve seen his Hikari lights around the web a few times, and they are a great mix of mathematical thought and artistic beauty. He’s also worked up a new table based on these designs.

The man uses a “vacuum lamination” process to bend this chair into perfection… what does that mean?? Why will you geniuses not share?

This chair he created for the National Theatre in Copenhagen. In the man’s own words, “I never make kompromises with the quality.” I believe you my brutha! Next stop on our journeys to Europe will include the land of the wicked designers and lovely blondes.

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