Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Succulent City

I’m not very driven when it comes to gardening, but if I were, I’d make our yard into Succulent City. Spiky, need lots of Texas sun, don’t need much water… kind of like camels, if camels lived in Texas, and were half porcupines.

If I bought up a ton of succulents, I’d probably hang out here A LOT. It’s called Gardens, and is within walking distance of our house. Tons of great spiky monsters, and big heavy pots.

On the inside, they have great heavy, natural wood tables and chairs, that I’d buy if I lived in mansion and had money to burn. They’ve got a bunch of cool knick knacks from around the globe… must be those heavy tariffs that crank the cost up so much? I’d work at Gardens, if work involved sitting around, reading their books, and watering their plants on the not hot days… I’m equally as likely to run into the Texan Camelpine.
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