Wednesday, January 16, 2008


If there’s one thing a bald man loves, that’s a big breakfast. I could eat breakfast for every meal actually… donuts for every dessert. Anyway, this Manly Wednesday post is about a man-sized breffas.

Let’s start with the bacon of the month club. Yum. Forget starting up those micro breweries and locally grown coffee beans. We need more microbaconries, and that product shipped to my door… better yet, shipped directly to my frying pan.

Have yourself a tough mug of coffee. Repeat.

I have to spend the majority of my day blasting away at this wretched keyboard. I’d prefer to be eating em waffle style! This typewriter waffle iron reduces the number of waffles I have to eat from 10 to 5… possibly. (Secret manly sidenote, my wife eats waffles with her hands- true.)

Have you a side of toast, of course. This pop art toaster allows you to throw in a couple naughty plates on the off chance you are eating with enemies.

If you haven’t already drank a dozen raw eggs, or even if you have, you should still have some room for fried eggs… especially if they are uzi shaped. Now you’re ready to take on the day! Mmmmm… big ole breakfast.


Things I Cook and Bake said...

I just saw those egg shaped guns yesterday. Why shaped like a gun? I had not, however, seen the typewriter waffle iron -- love it! And, of course, I'm asking for bacon of the month for my next birthday -- isn't yours coming up soon?

Anonymous said...

It may be true that I eat waffles with my hands, but you must also tell the whole story by explaining I do not eat my waffles with syrup.
- Julie

divya said...

I bought waffles recently and also ate them without syrup and with my hands. Like one might eat a cookie. I'm not opposed to syrup but can appreciate a dry waffle.

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