Thursday, January 17, 2008

Happy Bald Day to Me

Today is my birthday. Tomorrow I’m closer to 40 than 30. As my ole coworker would say, “One day closer to the big dirt nap.” So that got me thinking about how I’m gonna go. Enter Nadine Jarvis.

Nadine is a London artist who has some unique ways of goin out. For instance, turn myself to ashes, and mix me with birdseed that she then turns into a birdfeeder. Fly, bald man, fly!

She calls this Rest in Pieces. Put me in this urn, tie me to a tree, and see how long I last hanging before I crash to the ground. Could be 1 to 3 years.

This has always been my fave though… She calls it carbon copies. Make me into about 240 pencils, and pass me out to friends and relatives. Feel free to use me for grocery lists as well as fine art.


Lisa said...

Fly, bald man, fly! You are too funny, Chad. Happy f'n birthday.

i-heart-(fill in the blank) said...

The pencils rule!! Happy Birthday friend!

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