Monday, January 7, 2008


I spent the weekend watching my first round of David Marks and Woodworks on the DIY channel (he made this here dovetail bench). Oh man. I haven’t learned anything from the television since Electric Company. I’m turning that around.

I also rediscovered Furni. It’s company run by a couple bros in Montreal. They design and build a variety of things, but mostly these rad clocks. This here is the Gator.

This is the Alba clock. I just ordered my first clock hands. Highly considering buying this digital clock face though as well. They include the face and buttons to make your own alarm clock. They've also been having a competition to see who holds the wickedest clock creation.

The other great thing about these Canuks is their flickr page, which shows their behind the scenes working. I like to see how pro these people are, and learn learn learn PicturePages style.

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