Thursday, January 24, 2008

Albion Inn

It’s cold and misty outside right now. When it gets this way, I like to picture the time my family took a winter trip to England, and the Albion Inn in particular.

It’s a proper English pub, and the kind of place I’d like to go to here in Austin, but you can’t have one in Austin, because it’s in Texas USA, and not Chester UK.

The place has been around since the 1880s in the old walled city of Chester (our dog’s namesake by the way), and they’ve been pouring ale out of their taps the real way… no carbonation added to start that beer flow, but old-fashioned muscle strength was used to pull up the ale from kegs down in the basement.

We ate haggis and turkey and some sort of Guinness meat pie… we asked what Christmas pudding was, and the answer the cute, young waitress gave us was, “Christmas pudding is Christmas pudding.” We had some. The old guys at the table next to us were talking about Fox Hunting. I wish I could be there right now.

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