Friday, January 18, 2008

Not Cashin in My Chips yet...

Birthday was great. Actually great. Calls from friends and family, wife made meatball subs, had some friend hangout time, and South Filthy played at Beerland.

Also, here’s a quick partial birthday booty rundown.

Got this book from Divya. I can’t explain how great this book is… The Trial of Colonel Sweeto. It’s great to have a friend who knows yer taste (maybe my bad taste?) and exposes you to new things you’ll love. Thanks Divs!

Got this Eccentric Soul CD stashed inside a giant guitar piƱata, along with a nice bright red shirt and candy that was delivered to the workplace… Nicki Ittner style!

Another awesome Jennski print?!?! Do people get to have two of them in their house? I don’t know that I deserve to… thanks Deanna!

And now I’m the proud owner of two giant power tools. Table saw AND band saw… one from ma and pa, and one from my wife, who also got me this amazing clock all the way from Hong Kong. I have NO idea how it works. It’s like magic. Looks like a piece of wood when it ain’t plugged in, then the time appears out of nowhere once it’s powered up. Color me lucky. Thanks all yous.

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Wow. Sounds like an awesome birthday. (Don't be suprised if when you come visit us you find that I've got a suspiciously similar clock and jennski print!!!!)

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