Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Manly Wednesday- Science and Sons

Welcome to your weekly installment of Manly Wednesdays. Today we focus on the company Science and Sons. I don’t know what’s in the Canadian glacial waters, but man, they make some awesome weirdos. These guys make these acrylic life-sized mountable animals they refer to as Plastidermy. They suggest throwing a bunch of them together for a chandelier? Okay! Sounds kinda big, but I’m in!

They are still perfecting these phonofones, through which you can play your ipod in grand old-fashioned style, and all white ceramic sleekness as well. H-o-t.

These rule the hardest. Their planters play on a mini-sized park scene, as if your little plant is a giant park tree… the characters in the scene could be walking a dog, getting mugged, or maybe hooking! HI-larious. Under employment opportunities, they have one job opening for a Full Time Philanthropist and, “Only qualified millionaires will be considered for this prestigious position.” I’m down with your style, brahs!


divya said...

that phonophone doesnt look that manly. nor does the acrylic taxidermy. hm. it's like someone girlied it all up! cuz if it makes you want to make a chandelier, maybe it's not that manly manly?

CK said...

yeah, you're right. should have had live mounted deer heads and stuck with the BJ-in-the-park themed planter ONLY.

i'll try harder next week.

divya said...

i'm just saying i need some fur and wood if we're talking manly. and musk! no offense. this might be more about me and my ideas of manliness (old spice!) than anything.

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