Friday, January 4, 2008

History Buff?

Sometimes I’m slow at blogging. I’ve been doing some writing about Austin, its cool parts, its events, and its old neighborhoods. We live in such a neighborhood. I just wrote a little article about Travis Heights, and it seems crazy how Austin was dirt roads and horses and, “How-we-gonna-cross-that-river?” not that long ago. Our house was built in 1937. The original owners said our street used to be a dirt road, and “way up north”, not the center of town like it’s considered now (I mean we could walk to downtown if we felt all walky). This is a picture of Pemberton Castle from 1927, which is 5 blocks from our house. And there are many many houses and big old trees in between. Doing this writing is making me history-gay. Kind of.

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Jennifer said...

How can I read this article? I want to read your article.

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