Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Wood you? I wood!

I’ve had me a serious wood fetish these days. A fetish that has made me even check into taking some classes in woodworking. How do people make such great looking stuff? How do they bend wood into crazy shapes? Beats me, but I’m on it…kinda. Not really, but at least I know where classes are held right? So if I combine that fetish, with my need to get some plants in our house, and the fact that Christmas is coming up, and people might buy me presents, I bring you Jamali Garden. I like this place because:
a. Their stuff rules and
b. Their stuff is reasonable.
They’ve got all sorts of garden type items, but I’m really liking their natural pots. All rad wood, and all good prices! My current pick is this Kiri wood tray. It’s 12 bucks, and has a zinc liner to plop your plants in. These days when my wife and I see something we’d like to buy, it ends up being approximately 100 times the amount of money we’d actually spend… That might be a slight exaggeration, but I wouldn’t be surprised if just the zinc tray was twice as much, that’s all I’m saying. Mom, if you are out there, December 25th is basically right around the corner.


Cheryl said...

Okay, Chad, Mom is here! I guess I can add the Kiri wood tray to your Christmas list of can lights, wall designs, retro cups and other off-the-wall (like the pun??) Christmas items you're lusting for. Oh, and I can't forget (though I'd like to!) the saw you need to begin your "Bob the Builder" furniture making career! Will it ever end, decorator man?? XOXO

Lisa A said...

I wood too!

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