Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Arty Bastard

I’ve been getting into art with a touch of swank these days… Matte Stephens is producing such art. Back in the day, you could only get his stuff over at Velocity… it’s the good stuff. The originals. However, originals come with usually a couple zeros to the left of the decimal point instead of the right. These days though, with the ever powerful etsy, great artists are setting up shop, and cranking out prints of their work as well. I bought my first print of his as a gift for my friend Deanna. Matte sent it off lickety split, I slapped it in a sleek Ikea Ribba frame (Deanna, that’s read “placed it gently in the frame with all the care and love it deserved”), and it looked great. Great art. Great price. Period. Matte, feel free to use that as your new tag line. Check out the man’s blog here and his etsy shop here.

1 comment:

Julie Rogers said...

How cute is that painting? The girl in the back seat is all, "Argh!" while everyone else is so happy!

Love it.

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