Monday, October 22, 2007

Moderately Mod

I’ve got issues with looking at houses. We bought our house over a year ago, but still think about other houses we saw. Talked to ma yesterday (from whom I’ve inherited the trait of wandering through houses I don’t own) and she told me how “mod” we’ve gone with our house. The truth is our house is far from “mod” in structure, but I guess it’s mod in décor? Yeah, it is. We ended up picking the house we live in because it was well taken care of, in an rad neighborhood, great school district, close to parks, shops, restaurants- but we saw a few houses during the home search that were way more mod than ma could even imagine.

I feel like I forced our real estate lady into checking out this AD Stenger home in Barton Hills. It was the coolest house we saw. If it didn’t need some work, and wasn’t at the top of our price range, I would have bought that bastard and given them my left eye too.
We also saw this house soon as it came on the market. Julie really loved it, and it was great too… also needed some work, but was priced really low, for a sad reason I can’t get into. There was already a bid on the house, and it was snatched up. it was priced in the low 200s, and I heard it was quickly resold for around 400 thousand. Someone took advantage of a really sad situation. There are sharks in these waters I tell ya!
Lastly, we just happened to run across this house in our neighborhood on open house day. Another amazing house, and WAAAAY out of our price range… which doesn’t matter because we aren’t looking… right? It’s just nice to know we live in a town full of great houses to live in, if there’s ever any reason we have to move. Like… our house blows up. I hate moving.

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Lisa A said...

Maybe you can find a house for us? And just maybe the houses you find now will be on the market again in THREE years when we're back in the ATX.

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