Monday, October 29, 2007

Wacky World of Wold

Thomas Wold is kind of my hero. I’d been checking out the ridiculous furniture designs he comes up with for quite some time now. His blog is great, because he goes into great detail about the projects he’s working on, and it gets me fired up to make something wicked rad out of wood. It was this block party bookcase that first caught mine eye over at design public. It has hinged doors, and sliding doors, which is great because bookcases tend to look crappy after stacks of books start piling up every which way- and it looks crazy. Crazy awesome. I wonder how many sell at $4,000 each?

Delving further into this guy’s world, I found this “Fractured Fairy Tales” wall unit Wold created. Now we’re talking! This makes me bow down to both Thomas Wold and the people who asked to have this put in their home as an entertainment center.

It was when I read about this party, that I realized we could be friends with this guy. Anyone who removes all the furniture in his house in order to create a unique party atmosphere in each area, is a person I want to hang out with in my free time. Good thing I’m taking that Woodshop 101 class this weekend… lookout brah, I’ll be nippin at your heels in like.. my next life.

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i-heart-(fill in the blank) said...

You're taking a class? Wow CK, we really need to catch up. Good for you...can't wait to hear about it!

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