Wednesday, October 31, 2007

They're coming to get you Barbara

Tis my favorite day of the year. Seriously. I work at this place that’s pretty lame about Halloween, and long for the old days of being Chopped Up Chad with my friend Decapitated Deanna all day at work. Anyway, today is about weird creepy things.

I found this way wicked site that’s all skulls. Believe. One image of a skull every day. Check out this chair, mon. You can also pick up that skull font there.

I love these Dvider stickers. We’ll be back to discuss them again in the future, but today it’s about skullz.

Saw this bitchin table at Catherine David Designs. It’s called the Jack in the Box table.

This solar corpse light reminds me of this Marcus the Carcass we used to put up in our front yard… but way cooler, and you know… energy efficient.

Saw this quilt on Apartment Therapy.

Also found this mailbox… Halloawesome! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


i-heart-(fill in the blank) said...

I'm late on this...but all of these things are awesome. I want to hear more on that wall decal. -DD

Cheryl said...

you scare me

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