Friday, February 29, 2008

Ringo or Robin LTD

So as I mentioned, I have this record label. And last night I found out that I'm not the first to get hung up in the design world, who also might like some rock and roll. If it's good enough for Ringo Starr, it's good enough for me!! Welcome to Ringo Or Robin LTD!

Ringo met up with rad furniture designer Robin Cruikshank, and the two of them went into business in 1969. Here's a pic of Robin's bachelor pad from the mid 60s, and the Brasilia chair he whipped up before the Ringo years.

Ringo and Robin were big on steel and glass... or STEEL APPEAL. I'm down. Did you check out that Rolls Royce Radiator table? Dang!

The boys called it quits in 1986, but are still really good friends. ROCKANDROLLANDRINGOORROBIN! Thanks for making rock and furniture design cool.

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