Friday, February 1, 2008

Rack Em!

I started a little bloggin yesterday, then accidentally deleted it, possibly due to the double shot of Claritin D and Benadryl, which as I read later makes one lose focus. Might be why I forgot my coat yesterday too, which wasn’t smart since it’s kind of cold outside… (this is where you enter your own segue to coat racks, and you laugh and laugh, and don’t know how I make something like coat racks seem SOO funny!)

So yeah, coat racks aren’t really needed in Austin TX, but if they were, might I get one of these? I might… we saw one of these Tom Dixon wire coat racks in the Design Within Reach Airstream trailer. Problem is my coat costs 20 bucks, and this is 330. It’s like parking a Pinto in the Bat Cave, you know?

Though I like this Katai Coat Rack, it’s the kind of item Julie won’t allow in the house. It’s actually made out of steel, but the wife will veto it because of its slight nod towards log cabinishness.

This is actually a lighting system thing by Frenchy Matali Crasset, but it rules, and I can see tossing my clear rain poncho on it to make for a more sensual soft light before it catches on fire.

Back to the Loyal Loot Ladies for this thang called Coat Hang. It’s my favorite since you know… they bend pieces of plywood off this long stand, and I’m just down with that kind of stuff, okay? Dang...

Man, but there’s also the Coat Range… smarties shave off some of the walnut veneer to expose the maple veneer beneath to create snow-capped mountains. Double Dang. See how lucky those are who live in cold places, far away from cedar trees?


Julie said...

Why not just use wood if you're going to put something that looks like wood in your house? Steel that is fashioned to look like wood is just nonsense, isn't it? Who's with me?

mom said...

I guess you don't have to worry about termites this way...that's always a relief!

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