Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Manly Wednesday- Grillin Substitutes

I’ve been a slug about posting my Manly Wednesdays stuff lately. Please forgive me, but you’re welcome for this post.

Men grill stuff. Fact of life. Luckily, we live in Texas where the grill is still in effect, with little to no interruption during the winter months. Others are not so lucky… for those I offer other ways to get your meaty grilled goodies.

Check out the Steakhouse Grill. Looks like a wicked state of the art toaster, and only works on steaks… Grills steak vertically and the juices drip on down sans flare ups.

Test tube burgers on their way! Maybe this year? It’s kind of great that scientists somewhere are figuring out ways to create ground meat and sausage in a test tube. I took the wrong road in college when I majored in Bald.

The Germans beat me to it. Cheeseburger in a can! Why would you eat Spam or Vienna Sausages when you could have yourself an entire burger?? This blows my mind. Lookout for my Meatball-Submarine-Sandwich-In-A-Tube debuting in my Summer collection of Canned Sandies.


i-heart-(fill in the blank) said...

I'm very confused by the cheeseburger in a can. How much do people hate their bodies to eat that crap?! Bleh!

CK said...

Soooo... i'm not counting you in as customer one in line for the meatball sub inna toob?

Jennifer said...

I LOVE cheeseburger in a can. I mean, I don't want to eat it, but I love it.
2 additional comments:
1) Grilling not just for men. Lisa is the grilling-est person I know. She's also a very ladylike lady.
2) Real New Englanders do not let a little snow stop us from charcoal (or gas grilled) goodness. We just shovel a path to the grill.

Julie said...

Grilling in snow?! This is blowing my mind. I guess people up north would be just as confused to hear that we have our hot sauce festival outside in August.

Lisa said...

Having the hot sauce festival in August is proof that The Chronicle staffers smoke too much pot.

Mom said...

That picture of the snow-covered grill...I love it! Think about it...the smell of hamburgers grilling in the crisp, cool air, or the sound of a can opener exposing who-knows-what that gets dumped out onto the plate. Gee..what a toss up!! A word of caution, with the winter grilling though; be sure to wear the right mitten at the right time!!

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