Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Monster Wood!

Doing some Etsy stuff has opened thine eyes to some great finds… One being A. Drauglis. The guy makes a variety of wooden items in different styles, and does it all by hand, sans power tools. Check out this lingerie chest with a slab of a walnut tree slapped on the front of it. Julie might not put her dainty items up in there, but I’d have one in every room of our house.

I also really enjoy the cornball creative stuff… like this tiki Monster Cabinet. There’s discussion on the site of a possible Bride of Monster Cabinet and Son of Monster Cabinet. The fact that I’m not sure if the guy is kidding or not is fantastic.

The master of monster cabinets has cranked this guy out though… Dog of Monster Cabinet! The good dog has a cat in his stomach, but you can also switch it out with a man or a car…

Upon closer inspection, the cat has a mouse in his stomach. Bro. Genius.

1 comment:

Steve-O the Longshanks said...

These are so awesome - however, do they take on a new and more frightening demeanor at night? After the lights go out, they may turn into a disturbed version of the furniture in Beauty and the Beast!!! I've read Stephen King!! You can't fool me!!!!

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