Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Manly Wednesday- FerMANtation

I started workin on this on girly tuesday, so though i'm posting it on manly wednesday, blogger does not recognize it as such. Touche, Blogger.

Brahs like beer, as I mentioned before. Also, dudes- manly dudes- have an I-Can-Do-That-Better attitude, that’s why the home brewing kits are popular.

Check out the Lager Brewzer 10 Pint Micro Brewing System. Julie thinks there is nothing dorkier in the world than making beer in your garage… but she also can’t wait for her next issue of Journal of Accountancy.

Then there’s this Alcoshot Kit… you can make your own fruity shots… may or may not win over the wife?

And there’s this guy here… make your own wine?? Man, I don’t know… don’t people spend years making a bottle of wine? And use old oak casks and all that? I mean, I’ve made wine on accident when my old grape juice fermented, and I’m curious how different this make-your-own-wine kit is from that.

1 comment:

Julie said...

There's a lot of good stuff in that Journal of Accountancy. A lot.

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