Thursday, July 17, 2008

London Wooders- Unto This Last

This place is pretty genius. Unto This Last is based in London making furniture, like this here Facet Chair, on their good ole CNC machine.

What makes em smart is they don’t ship and they don’t package up their items, so they pass on their savings to the customer. This is the Cell Shelf.

If you’re a Londoner, you can swing buy and get a great deal on what they have in their store front, or order something to size and they crank it out in a week. I have me a thing with wooden lamps/lamp shades.

Customers get a really cool piece of furniture, fast, quick and cheap. I guess the downside is, you know… you have to live in London. Smart though all the same. Would people come buy my furniture if I produced it out on the cheep? Think it’s that CNC machine that helps crank out goods so fast though, and I’m but one CRK machine, and s-l-o-w.


Things I Cook and Bake said...

I was showing this to Allen (since he doesn't look at either of our blogs) and he said, "You should show that to Chad. I bet he'd like it." Then I told him that it was YOUR blog and he said, "Since it's not available in the U.S., Chad should make that and sell it."

I'm just the messenger.

CK said...

That's maybe my fave comment of all time. I read that comment out loud to Julie, and she said, "You have a blog?"

Not really. But I imagine people with real lives don't have time to see who is making the latest plywood crazed piece of furniture... much less keep up with their cornbeef counterparts and their ramblings on.

Also Lisa, you might want to check this out sometime...

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