Thursday, July 31, 2008

Behold... BEHANCE.

Yes, Yes Y'all!!!

I was tooling around design milk, and ran across this here site called Behance. It's kind of this "We Gonna do it all" type site... People design stuff, and slap it up for others to ogle.

I typed in furniture and got a slew of awesome goodies. Might be my new fave site.

Not only can designers create this cool portfolio, but they have a job board, you can share tips, git together with other artsy types and collaborate... you get the idea. Makes me want to make cool stuff and join! Must create wicked cart to put AFTER horse.

Anyway, from the top down, we've got Solveig Petch's perfect take on an old piece of furniture, the Kinderspiel Cabinet, the Muskie Muskoka chairs (oh mon), the hangable and foldable BBB Pick Chair, and straight outta the Capital City of Austin TX, the Gezellig Print table. I'm gonna start building that cart ASAP.

1 comment:

Solveig said...

:) Thanks for the lovely comment about my cabinet!

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