Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Manly Wednesday- Keith Moon Furniture

Keith Moon inspired furniture? Oh man, it’s my dream. It’s not often I get to mention the craziest drummer in rock and roll, and cool furniture designs, but today is that special day.

This crazy Richard Shed is floating around East London making some of the coolest items around. This is the Mr. Moon Shelf, and the description on his website is worth a full read, as it kills me. But the gist is this guy made The Who’s Keith Moon a shelf and, “In a fit of rock and roll excessiveness he picked up a shelf and launched it at the wall. One end of the shelf lodged itself in the wall and stuck out at an angle.” So perfectly cornball!

This is Keith’s Console, which obviously met the same fate as the shelf… Shed makes a bunch of fantastic items, like the Fat Leg Table, with one jumbo leg you can dump all your cords through, and dovetail tape I might use on some furniture til I get the actual dovetailing down… (eons away).

Wrapping up this here Manly Wednesday with The Who doing “Summertime Blues” at the Monterey Pop Festival. It’s perfect.

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