Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What Am I Doing?

This friend o mine wants me to refinish this stereo cabinet for him. I says to the man, I says, "Lookit man, I've made this and that, but I've never done me any type of refinishing before. You sure you want me to do this?" He tells me it can't look much worse, but also follows it up with, "my grandfather gave it to me when he passed away, and it has a lot of sentimental value." Awesome.

So I take my sander to this heirloom piece and see what happens. Startin to get somewhere. Gonna whip out the dremel and harness me some new skills in them hard to get to spots. Did I mention this stereo is sitting under my leaky party cover with a tarp on it, and there's a hardcore chance of rain this week? No worries, brah.

In other I-Don't-Know-What-I'm-Doing news, I purchased a vacuum press kit thinger, with a motor and many brass fitting type parts. After a couple, "How do i do this??" emails and a trip to Breed and Co, I got my gearhead on, and now it's wired up and runnin fine. I'm in the big leagues now, and gonna be vacuum pressing veneers into bendy wood objects like nobody's bidness. Let's let Little Eva take it out with her appropo hit Bend it!

- - Little Eva - Bend It

Found at abmp3 search engine

1 comment:

Mom and Dad said...

I hear your vacuum and veneer singin' "Bend me, shape me anyway you want me, long as you do it, that's all right. Bend me, shape me anyway you want me, you got the power to..." Wish I had the know-how to respond with Guess Who singing their hit song! After all, you're in the big leagues now!

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